Inspiring Woman: Megan Schartner

On Tuesday, I shared with you an inspiring woman named Megan. Today you’ll hear from her nominator, Julie Ryan. If you missed Megan’s post, check it out HERE.


I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Megan through several different social media sites, and her blog before I realized it was the same person in multiple places. She’s such a sweet lady and is really open about her journey with chronic illness. I continued to get to know her when she agreed to let me interview her on my blog. In that interview she mentioned that she was in the process of writing a children’s book for the children of parents with chronic illness.

It wasn’t long after I interviewed her that she launched her initial campaign to get supporters for her project. This was before she launched the Kickstarter campaign, which followed a week or two later. I supported on the initial campaign and I’ve already supported on the Kickstarter campaign. I think this project is amazing. First, I envy her talent. To write a story for children and illustrate it like she’s done, is great. But, taking a risk and putting herself out there is even bigger. I think that’s something that many of us dealing with chronic illness have a hard time doing, especially on that level. Writing a blog is one thing, but taking the risk of a Kickstarter campaign with the stress and fear that perhaps the necessary funds won’t get raised. That’s huge. Those of us dealing with chronic illness know what it does to our self esteem. It too often leaves us feeling like we can’t do anything, can’t finish anything, and even if we could who would want it. She’s inspiring.

The idea of the book, too, is great. I’m not a parent so I don’t have to deal with the issues of explaining to a child why I can’t do things that others can. However, I can’t imagine having to do so. It’s hard enough to explain that to an adult. So, I can see where this story book would be a huge blessing to parents and grandparents who often find they don’t have the energy to do the things their children or grandchildren want to do. The book that Megan is writing will show the various symptoms we deal with and explain to children what we go through. I think this will be a book that needs to be in the hands of anyone with chronic illness. I really hope that her Kickstarter campaign succeeds and even if it doesn’t I hope that Megan finds a way to make her vision a reality so that this book can be available to chronically ill parents everywhere.

Megan inspires me and her project can help so many of us. This is why I nominated Megan as Inspiring Woman of the Month.


I want to thank Julie and Megan for contributing to my blog this week. Make sure you visit Megan’s Kickstarter for her book – the time is almost up to donate, and she’s so close! It was an honor to get to know Megan, and I can’t wait to see her book published.

If you’re interested in nominating a woman for my Inspiring Women series, make sure to fill out the nomination form.

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Woman: Megan Schartner

  1. Hey lady!

    Saw that you might be going to the So Worth Loving event at Waking Life. Any idea what time it starts and what they’ll be doing. Also, I see you post about them on instagram sometimes. What are they about? Looks cool!

    Hope all’s well with you! Jackie

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    1. Hi! The So Worth Loving event is from 6-8, and I’m not sure exactly what the event will look like, but I know it’s an amazing group of people and if you’re available you should come! So Worth Loving started as an inspirational blog & clothing company and now consider themselves a “lifestyle brand,” and tomorrow is the launch of their tour of the southeast collecting stories of self worth and helping to empower people to love and be themselves. Their tour website is If you’re able to come I would love to see you there!

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